Tria Screen180° Screen Area = Highest Capacity

TRIA granulators have a screen area equal to 50% of the rotor diameter or 180 degrees. The larger the screen area, the faster the material exits the cutting chamber, giving you more throughput or machine capacity without added horsepower. In addition to higher throughput, there is less dust and fines. MORE UPTIME = FASTER MAINTENANCE

Bench Adjusted Blades

Tria Blade Setting JigMeans Quick & Easy Tool Change

TRIA granulator blades are pre-adjusted in an outside jig on a work bench – faster, safer and easier than inside a cutting chamber. The blades are “pre-gapped,” which means simple removal of old blades and installation of new blades – tighten them and you are back in production! As a result, TRIA machines spend less time “down” and more time doing the job.


Tria Anti-wear ChamberTRIA craftsmanship means extended machine life

Cutting chambers see the most abuse, wear and tear. Because of this, TRIA cutting chambers are made with abrasion resistant, hardened steel to reduce wear and increase the cutting chamber’s life span. No other granulator comes standard with this kind of rugged construction and focus on durability, giving our customers the best life of service from their machinery.


Fewer FinesAdjustable rotor & bed knives guarantee tight tolerance throughout the blade life.

TRIA engineers determined that in order to deliver high quality granulate throughout the life span of a granulators blades, you needed to adjust both the bed knives and the rotor knives. With traditional designs, as the knives are sharpened they get shorter, causing the bed-knives to  push away from the screen to “chase” the rotor knives to maintain the gap – not the case for TRIA machinery. TRIA’s rotor and bed knives adjust to each other and keep a tight tolerance with the screen, giving a cleaner cut and fewer fines.


Chilled AnvilProcess Hot Materials Without Smearing

TRIA granulators come standard with water-cooling capability. The anvil is designed to allow chilled water to circulate and absorb the heat generated during the processing of hot material or those with a low melt index. In applications where high temperatures are experienced, the cooling prevents over-heating the materials and causing smearing and melt downs in the cutting chamber.


Lowest EnergyPrecision SKF bearings along with solid flywheels requires less HP

Utilizing rotating sidewalls with SKF bearings and solid flywheel, the TRIA granulat0r is extremely well balanced. The forward bed-knife mounted at the bottom of the rotation, coupled with a 180 degree screen, provides outstanding throughput and performance. That combined with the high efficient motors requires less horsepower per pound of regrind.


Lowest CostHighest throughput + More Uptime + Lowest Energy Consumption = Lowest Overall Cost of Ownership!

Add up all the features of a TRIA granulator and you get the lowest cost of ownership year after year. The large screen size provides higher throughput + pre-set blades means less downtime + anti-wear design means a more durable granulator + lowest energy consumption = LOWEST COST OF OWNERSHIP!