60 XT, BM, TR

The TRIA 60 Series granulator is designed for molded products and associated waste. The large feed area with a powerful rotor and wide feed openings means it’s perfectly suited for size reduction of a large range of molded scrap products.

Product Versions

VERSION XT – These granulators are dedicated to scrap recovery from rigid or flexible extrusion for small sprues or heavy moulds. They’re also suitable for second step grinding of pre-crushed pieces.

VERSION TR – These granulators are equipped with traction groups for the in-line and off-line grinding of film, plates and thermoformed sheets.

VERSION BM – These granulators are dedicated to scrap recovery from blow molding, including runners, blown pieces and in-line parison at high temperatures. They also perform off-line grinding of pre-forms and blown pieces, and are suitable for molds, bulky and light thermoformed scraps.


  • Granulators dedicated to molded products and voluminous waste
  • Anti-wear cutting chamber as standard hardened to 750 Vickers
  • Water cooled cutting chamber
  • Rotary discs as standard
  • Constant cutting geometry
  • Scissor cut configuration
  • Screen area equal to 50% of rotor circumference
  • Tool free access for fast & easy cleaning
  • Powerful 22.5″(570mm) rotor
  • Feed openings from 29″(740mm) to 63″(1600mm) wide

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