Auxiliary Products

Traction Groups for Edge Trims

Single and twin traction groups are fitted to standard TRIA granulators for both small and large outputs. The cutting geometry and rotor of the granulator is adjustable to continually accept edge trim feed, regardless of the material type or thickness. TRIA calculates the size of the granulator from the number of edge trims to be fed, taking into account the maximum line speed, thickness and material types in order to ensure the granulator is properly sized and will meet both your short- and long-term production needs.

The in-feed rollers are designed to eliminate the possibility of material slippage by being either smooth or scored to suit the application.  Turn key systems are supplied for full integration with the extruder speed and to ensure the trims remain under constant tension. Evacuation systems to a central area or a closed loop design are also available.  A standard traction group may be be suitable for film edge trim recovery or, for thin film, the popular bypass system is recommended as shown in the Traction Group Brochure below.

Traction Group Brochure

Traction Groups for Sheet and Skeletal Waste

Traction control for both in- and off-line production processes can vary greatly dependent upon the application demand. TRIA’s traction group design allows for product skeletal waste to be fed successfully, either with two driven rollers for feed control or a paddles feed system, used to reduce the granulator height and to handle a variety of feed systems.

Control is achieved in several ways. For off-line, simple mechanical speed variation may be selected. For in-line, the traction group RPM can be interfaced and automatically controlled by the production machine.  When the traction group is not interfaced to the thermo forming machine, a dancing arm is used. This system maintains a constant tension between the thermo former and granulator, which is particularly beneficial on a stepped feed process.

Traction Group Brochure

Special feed systems and applications

TRIA specializes in granulators and systems that are tailor made for specific industries and needs. Whether a simplistic conveyor feed is required or a custom manufactured system for multiple edge trims, TRIA has the experience and expertise for a myriad of systems and applications. Whatever your need or production process, TRIA likely has a standard technical solution. Otherwise, we will work with our customers to find elegant and cost effective solutions.

Dust Separation Systems

Mini Eco and Euro Separation Systems – The Mini Eco air filtering system is designed to remove fine particles when granulating materials such as glass filled nylons. This compact, low-cost system is suitable for in-line separation with low outputs. (The Euro system is now renamed the DP Series.)

Mini Eco Series

DP Series– An integrated system, the DP Series suits most materials and outputs up to to 1800kg/hr. Please note: The granulated material passes through the blower and is therefore not ideal for materials such as PET that create dust when transported through a blower/impeller system. For those types of materials, consider the LT Series (below).

DP Series

LT Series – The LT Series is specifically designed to not only remove fine particles but to also filter the air exhausted into the production area to a dust percentage lower than 5mg/Nmc. This allows the system to be used in the most demanding of environments. The ground material is quickly removed from the granulator collection case and therefore does not pass through the blower, making this system ideal for materials such as PET.

LT Series

All systems include a manually adjustable valve to increase or decrease the size of fines extracted.

Suction Groups, Silos, Bins & Mixers

Suction Groups – TRIA offer a variety of solutions to facilitate custom applications for granulate extraction systems. Suction groups can be supplied to suit a variety of conveying and transportation requirements.

Suction Groups

Silos and Bins – TRIA has a diverse range of silos and bins available to suit your individual system.

Silos & Bins

Mixers – TRIA’s MVP Series of free standing mixers meets requirements from 200 to 10,000 liter bowl capacity size. Our vertical screw design ensures rapid and homogenous mix of dry granulate.