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Tria History

TRIA was founded in 1954 by Angelo Anceschi, at the time an engineer studying machines that would process pasta and other food. TRIA began when a friend of Angelo’s – who was introducing the first plastic food packaging into the market – asked him to invent and build a machine capable of grinding the packaging scraps. Thus, TRIA’s first machine was built in Angelo’s home garage. The machine was so successful that Angelo began working two jobs – designer by day and entrepreneur by night (and weekends). After a few years, he was able to officially become a machinery producer and moved production out of his garage to a site in Milan, Italy.

The small company began to grow and expand, thanks to the technical skills of Angelo. His son, Sergio, joined his father in the early ‘60s, adding manpower and the development of a sales network throughout Italy and Europe. TRIA’s ability to offer quality machines and excellent customization, coupled with the booming market, positioned the company to grow rapidly. The Anceschi family understood that they needed to focus on making great products in order to build up economic scale and an extended sales network.

Today, TRIA is owned by three of Sergio’s sons; three out of five managers are brothers. Although a lot has changed over the years – production set up, designing instruments and the sales network – what hasn’t changed is the dedication to offering quality machines and superior customization solutions. TRIA is now the worldwide leader for in- and off-line recovery of industrial plastic scraps, with over 1,000 granulators and recycling systems manufactured per year, 90% of which are exported throughout the world.

We are represented by 90 partners worldwide, including TRIA America, which offers technical support, spare parts and outstanding consultation to ensure you get the best possible recommendations and support for your business.

TRIA continues to grow and innovate, our latest example being TRIA America’s new test facility, located at 10918 Granite Street in Charlotte, North Carolina. Whether your test day takes you to TRIA Italy or TRIA America, you are invited to send the scrap parts you wish to process for a comprehensive demonstration and training. You will receive the technical know-how and quality assistance needed from start to finish.

As the leaders in plastics grinding, TRIA guarantees you will get products that meet the highest manufacturing and safety standards,  excellent sales assistance and quality machinery that’s easy to use and maintain, cost-effective and long lasting. Our goal is to make each customer a partner – we are eager to work with you!

TRIA Now & Then


Since 1954, TRIA has specialized in the design and manufacturing of rotary knife granulators and grinding systems for in-line and centralized recovery of plastics scraps. Our main objective is the design and manufacturing of granulators, systems and solutions which meet the high efficiency and safety requirements specific to plastics transformation. We strive for excellence in creating outstanding products and providing exceptional customer service.



Annually, TRIA manufactures over 1,000 granulators and recycling systems, reaching an export sales volume that represents 80% of our production. TRIA is represented and supported by our 90 partners worldwide, all of whom guarantee products that meet the highest manufacturing and safety standards. Our show rooms are at your disposal for product testing, support and recommendations. Please don't hesitate to contact us!